Print advertising in newspapers and magazines represents an excellent modality to place your company's products and services in front of a highly self-selected readership. Once you've decided to advertise, you'll need to create effective and memorable ads that engage your target audience longer and more deeply.

If requested, the Diver's Dispatch staff will offer free design help to each advertiser for up to 3 different ads for use in the publication, for both print and online publications. We can't promise that your ads will win awards, but we are glad to help you develop as eye-catching and effective ads as possible.  When powerful ads boost your sales, everybody wins.

Below are some ideas that advertisers may find helpful in developing their ads. Not every effective design element is present in every ad, but using one or two will help. This is not an exhaustive list.

Purposeful and Targeted Design
• Make sure every element of the ad is purposeful and targeted.
  -  Use bold primary and secondary colors that match your company logo color scheme.

• Clearly display your current company logo on each ad.

• The simpler and more focused the ad, the better.
  -  Focus on one product/service per ad. Featuring more than one will often mean none are remembered.
  -  Make sure the product/service you focus on is clearly named and unmistakable. Don't make the reader search for it.

• You have ~ 2 - 3 seconds to capture your reader's attention. Well-designed ads grab eyeballs quickly and keep them locked on longer.

• Repurposing/linking content is essential.
  -  Positioning ads near articles that mention or review the products listed doubles your product's exposure.

• Feature your product and brand. Mentioning a competitor in your ad gives them unintended credibility and visibility to your audience.  Don't do it!

A Picture Is Better Than 1000 Words
• The best ads use powerful, easily understood photos.
• The fewer words, the better.  The best ads have none.

Tell a Story
• 92% of consumers want brands to tell stories. Storytelling increases higher engagement rates, increased brand loyalty, and higher conversion rates among consumers. See this article for more.

• Peer testimonial gains audience trust. 85% of consumers trust products recommended by their peers over other brands.

• Get emotional.
  -  Tugging on one of the four primary emotions (happiness, sadness, surprise, anger) grabs consumer attention. Stirring up emotions encourages them to act.

• Provide a call to action.
  -  Provide a way to contact the company to continue the conversation with the advertiser.

The Law of Envy
• Create desire in your audience. Optimally, your ad will trigger the "Law of Envy" in your readers, making them want what you've got.

Don't Fade Into the Landscape
• A variety of ads helps you avoid the risk of your ads becoming invisible to your readers. Running the exact same ad for multiple issues effectively means your ad become invisible. 

•Minor tweaks to a standard ad provide a fresh look and keep readers engaged.

• Usually, rotating 3 different ads per product/service will keep readers engaged over the course of an ad campaign.

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We Can Help
The Diver's Dispatch staff will offer free design help to each advertiser for up to 3 different ads for use in the publication, for both print and online publications.


-- Dan Sullivan, Publisher of the Dispatch

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